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Alkaline Water Ionizer

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IONtech IT-588 Luxury Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine 7 pH Water Levels Japan Made Platinum Titanium Electrolysis Plates USA Made NSF Certified Activated Carbon Filter

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Water account for 70% of human body and is an most important element for human life

iontech electrolytic water filteration system produce alkaline neutral and acidic water through electrolysis

The processed water helps to improve the quality of life and makes life more dynamic

What is electrolytic water:
It Is water processed through filtration and electrolysis into alkaline ionized and acidic ionized water

Ionized water filtration system simultaneously produce water with two levels of ORP
1)with High Reduction potential –alkaline water
2)with High Oxidization potential- acidic water

ORP is a measure of the presence of oxidizing or reducing agents in a solution:
The alkalized water produced by ionizer has a lower or negative ORP value